3D/2D House Designing



Floor plan -Includes Proper Space Management according to requirements with Vastu Consultancy (if any) & Furniture Layout

3D Elevation – Provides Exterior Look & Virtual View of the house

Working Drawings – 2-D Elevation:2-D Working drawing for 3-D Elevation to forecast house plan outlay

Working Drawing: It includes Detail Dimensions of Floor, Walls & Cross Section Details

Details Drawings of Doors & Windows: Show the detail placement of doors & windows with its width, height, location, type of doors & windows

Detail Drawings of Toilets & Kitchen: Show detail structure of Kitchen & Toilet placement. It shows the detail structure of every objects which is to be placed in, such as type of flooring, label of wall flooring, Pots, Wash Basin, Bath Tub, Details of Corners or any other architectural entity in plan (if any)

Detail Drawings of Staircase: Shows the details of stairs, i.e. No. of levels, Height of Risers, Landing Placements, Reinforcement details etc.

Structure drawings – DeliverĀ  set of architectural drawing drafted by Structural Engineers including Foundation Details, Foundation Plan, Column Details, Beam Details Plinth Details, Calculated Arrangement of Beams, and Reinforcement Detail at each Slab.

Plumbing: Includes all pipe line layout from Tank to all faucets & taps

Drainage: Includes placement of chambers, waste pipes etc from toilets till outlet and Septic Tank Details (if required)

Electrical: Includes electrical layout of each and every room with switch board, light, fan etc positions

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