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Part Time/ Full Time Maid Services:

All the household chores, including cleaning, dusting, mopping the floor, cooking and washing dishes can be done by a maid. Maids can be hired for specific tasks as well. These specific tasks include Babysitting, older person care, cooking, cleaning etc. Some maids do all the above work for people on full time and part-time basis. Salary for a house maid starts from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 15000. This totally depends on whether you want to hire a maid for a part-time job or for a full-time job. Salary negotiations have to be made at the time of hiring a maid. Further changes to salary must be brought by mutual understanding and agreement between both the parties. Address proof and ID proof of the maid are collected at the time of hiring. Any disputes or discrepancies can be communicated with VISALOY and get resolved on the spot.
The best way to hire a full-time or part time maid is through a well-known agency. It is a platform for hiring part-time or full-time maid services.  There are many trusted maid-servant service company, which provide immediate on demand Maid Services & housekeeping services in your city. You can also easily book a maid online through our online portal for any type of maid services in our city. Customers can visit our reliable agencies for professional, reliable and hardworking maids in our city. We understand your time and requirements and therefore provide you quality maid services with the most professional workers. The services include housekeeping services for corporates, house maintenance packages and servants.
We professionally manage VISALOY make easier to hire a full time or part time maid, through online mode on-demand. These are hour based and monthly based housekeeping service which includes dusting (vacuum-based) carpets, upholstery & sofas, bed making, cleaning, mopping the floors & sanitizing your bathrooms.

Home Cleaning:

Daily Cleaning is the basic & most tedious work for everyone. We all spend hours a week in cleaning and weekends become more tiring. In that case professional cleaning maids will take over your home & make it cleaner than ever everyday.

Kitchen Cleaning:

There are hundreds of small things to be done in the kitchen which goes unnoticed. A professional maid will wipe the slabs, mop your kitchen floor and clean cabinets outside & inside which will bring back the shine in your kitchen.

Toilet Cleaning:

The maid will sanitize your bathroom & make your bathroom a germ-free place so that nothing bothers you at the end of the day.


A professional maid will wipe off all the dust of your home. He/ She don’t just wipe the dust, but will remove it completely.


Stop worrying about your messy beds when you wake up when you have a professional maid. He/ She will make sure you have your bed ready before you even get ready for the next sleep.

Sweeping & Mopping:

Right-Left, Up-Down, He /She sweep and mop all-around your house for a dirt & germ free hygienic environment.




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