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In a world of evolving criminal and terrorist threats, VISALOY brings peace of mind to our clients with creative, balanced strategies and innovative solutions.

We  work with public security officials, building owners, architects, developers and security managers within organizations to ensure that people, property, businesses and governments are protected against loss and injury.

We live in an age of heightened security concerns, with hardly a day going by without reports of terrorism, cyber-attacks, crime and violence on our streets. The threats we face are constantly changing as criminals and terrorists adopt new methods.

Growing urban populations throughout the world bring increased security challenges. The threat stemming from ‘ordinary’ organized or opportunistic crime has not changed significantly over the years. But casualties from terrorism and the violent acts of ‘lone wolves’, as well as mounting incidents of cyber-crime, now exceed all other offences.

All of our security professionals, whether they are experts in security risk management, security advisory specialists or crowd management consultants, are dedicated to helping our clients to identify and overcome their security challenges.

Security Risk Management

Our starting point on every risk management program is to assess the security threats and vulnerabilities and to create a realistic and cost-effective strategy to reduce the overall risk to an acceptable and manageable level. In identifying threats, we undertake detailed project context evaluation that considers everything from petty crime to terrorism. We then establish risk tolerance and develop security protection objectives.

The risks for an iconic high-rise tower, whose high profile makes it a potential target for terrorists, are very different to those of a healthcare facility, where the priorities would be to prevent unauthorized access to wards and to control access to equipment and medical supplies. Assessments are undertaken for individual plots or master plans and are compliant with internationally recognized risk management standards.

WSP also conducts security surveys of existing premises to evaluate them against current design standards, with a view to bringing these buildings up to a commensurate level of security. Equally, we undertake audits to assess the compliance of organizations with specific government or industry standards, such as SABRE, which is run by BRE Global.

As part of the security risk management process, we develop security policies and guidelines for organizations based on benchmarking, best practice, contextual analysis and maturity modelling. We also develop program for organizations to implement their policies, or offer support as an independent evaluator on behalf of the client.

Security Advisory, Planning and Management

In the next phase, we develop security strategies at both a master plan and plot level. These need to meet client, project and authority requirements and address the concerns of multiple stakeholders while supporting security objectives.

We also work in an advisory capacity on behalf of the client or client representative. In this role, we devise or implement the security strategy as per the project requirement from design through to operations, and provide ongoing strategic security advice as an organization grows its operations across business sectors, markets and geographies.

In addition, we develop operational security policies and procedures based on detailed organizational reviews and staff modelling. These plans are strengthened through a mix of training and awareness program.

Social Safety and Security in Urban Design

We help clients to apply the principles of social safety and security to their buildings and urban developments by analysing the perceived safety and situational awareness of users. As this suggests, social safety is a subjective feeling, based on both reputational and objective factors related to an environment.

For instance, it is important that hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) solutions achieve high integration into the urban environment. Our goal is to meet the challenges of a project in four key areas: architecture, landscape, technical and organizational. By using multiple IT platforms such as virtual reality, Revit, AutoCad, commuter flow analysis tools (STEPS) and geographical data mapping, we can identify and evaluate solutions that support people’s comfort and safety, and enhance the attractiveness and liveability of a space, contributing to sustainable urban development.


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